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StretchMate“I love the StretchMate. It has helped extend my playing career and makes everyday activities easier. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in living a truly fit lifestyle.”

Arnold Palmer, PGA Tour

"My trainer recommends I use the StretchMate during every training session. It has been great for me."
Nancy Lopez, LPGA Tour

“The StretchMate is the perfect tool for anyone interested in gaining flexibility. It has proven very valuable to me for pre-, during-, and post-workout stretching. It is also an easy way for anyone to incorporate flexibility in their fitness program.”
Brad Faxon, PGA Tour

“To Freddie with many thanks for all your help”
Bernhard Langer, PGA Tour

“I love using the StretchMate before every tournament round I play. It really helps me isolate areas that need to get loosened up. I especially love the way it helps to get to hard areas like my hamstrings and shoulders. Just a few minutes on the StretchMate makes all the difference.”
                                                                                           Jill McGill, LPGA Tour

"I use the StretchMate every day.  It's great for a home gym."

Cristie Kerr, LPGA Tour

"I love my StretchMate."

Notah Begay, PGA Tour

"6 easy steps covers the entire routine and I use the StretchMate each and every day in the LPGA Tour's Fitness Trailer."

Vicky Hurst, LPGA Tour 

 “In my 30 years as an instructor, StretchMate has proven to be one of the finest performance enhancement tools I have used in helping a student achieve a stronger and more fluid motion.”

Thomas A. Cavicchi, Director of Golf,
The Harmon Club

“With as little as a 10 minute time commitment three times a week, players can make a noticeable change in their flexibility within three weeks. I personally recovered from a major shoulder and neck problem within four weeks of use of the StretchMate, after 9 months of little relief from physical therapy and exercise. This product makes a difference and golfers love using it at Westchester Country Club.”
John Kennedy, Director of Golf,
Westchester Country Club

“The StretchMate is a wonderful device. If you use it over a period of time the improvement will be dramatic. I highly recommend it.”
Jeff Sluman, PGA Tour

"The StretchMate is one of the most used pieces in the Stryker Physiotherapy Trailer on the LPGA Tour"
John Adam, Director of Golf
Stryker Physiotherapy

“After 12 years in pro baseball and 8 years in world long driving competitions, strength and flexibility have been the most important factors for me. I highly recommend the StretchMate to anyone who cares about their performance.”
Pat Dempsey, 2002 World Senior Long Driving Champion

“A few minutes of stretching with the StretchMate are an integral part of the pre-round warm-up and general conditioning for many of our LPGA athletes. Flexibility exercises on the StretchMate address range of motion for most joints and stretching for the major muscle groups. Stretching is a critical component of any fitness program for good posture, injury prevention, and general good health.”
Karen W. Stellick,
Physical Therapist, LPGA

“I have won 16 professional long driving events in the last ten years and have used the StretchMate for the past two years. On average, I am 15 yards longer now than I was two years ago. StretchMate has not only helped me gain yards, but it has helped with my overall fitness program”
Gerry James, 2002 Leading money winner
Pinnacle Challenge, Long Drivers of America
2005 and 2006 U.S. Senior Long Drive Champion

"I always use the StretchMate because it provides a safe and effective piece of equipment for all my flexibility needs."
Charlotta Sorenstam, LPGA Tour

"I have access to 2 StretchMates; one at my business - GolfTec,  and one in my home.  Since I started regularly stretching on my home StretchMate 3 months ago, I not only feel great, I am hitting the ball much longer and my handicap has dropped from 7 to 3...not bad for a 60 year old.  Also, our staff and students love it at our golf training facility GolfTec.  StretchMate is very safe and easy to use as well as being incredibly effective for increasing range of motion and club head speed.

Wayne Daniel, Co-Owner, GolfTec, Rhode Island

"At parmasters Golf Training Centers, we're committed to providing the cutting-edge technology and equipment necessary for a golfer's game improvement. We feel the StretchMate helps achieve this objective and are proud to have the equipment in our fitness room to augment the Parmasters' experience."


Michael D Allen, Chairman and CEO
Parmasters Memphis

“As a strength coach on the PGA Tour, anything that will get my athletes to improve flexibility is a plus. The StretchMate has shown to be an effective tool to safely increase their flexibility.”
Chris Noss, Trainer to PGA Tour Players

“A few minutes use a day with a StretchMate will not only improve your golf but will improve your health for life.”
Grant Waite, PGA Tour

"StretchMate is great. I use it all the time."
Marisa Baena, LPGA Tour

“At PGA National, golfers, tennis players and athletes of all ages and abilities are using the StretchMate on a regular basis. Our personal trainers use the StretchMate with their clients because it improves flexibility while stretching in an upright position.”
Randy Myers M.L.S., Fitness Director,
PGA National Resort and Spa

“Whether you are a high handicapper or a touring pro, StretchMate is a sure way to bolster your flexibility. It will also enhance your consistency and longevity”
Rick Provost, Trainer to PGA Tour Players

“The StretchMate has been a great exercise tool to use in my home. I am happy to report it has far exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend it to any one who plays golf or any other sport for that matter.”
Steve Mann, Head PGA Professional,
Wollaston Golf Club

“The StretchMate has a unique “forgiving effect” that provides a safe muscle stretch without putting undo pressure on the joints. I highly recommend it to my golfers for safely increasing their range of motion.”
Alison Thietje, Trainer to PGA Tour Players

“The StretchMate excels because it enables me to stretch all muscle groups safely and effectively. From practitioners to sports player, StretchMate is an essential component of any exercise program.”
Catherine Luchini Gerson, Physical Therapist,
Founder of Healthy Bodies and “Stress Free Golf”

“StretchMate feels great…you don’t need to do much to feel it work.”
Olin Browne, PGA Tour

"The StretchMate is the best way to stretch every tight area in my body."
Jean Bartholomew, LPGA Tour

“StretchMate has a forgiving effect that creates a safe and efficient stretch. It encourages bilateral and symmetrical stretching and helps undo the imbalances that golf creates.”
Lee Brandon, C.S.C.S., 2001 World Female Long Driving Champion

“The StretchMate is a wonderful tool to safely stretch all of the muscles. I use mine regularly.”
Jay Sigel, Champions Tour
2 Time U.S. Amateur Champion

“I get on the StretchMate every time I'm in Dallas. It's wonderful for stretching and my flexibility”
Justin Leonard, PGA Pro
"Masters of the Millennium", Pg. 22

“The StretchMate is an excellent method for both active and passive stretching. It is easy to use and allows the golfer to stretch in the multiple planes of movement required in the golf swing. What I like best is that you are able to stretch in the positions
of function.”
Jay Platt, Physical Therapist,
BacktoGolf Performance Center

“My golf has improved tremendously since I started using the StretchMate. Also I find the StretchMate to be a great stress reliever at the end of a hard day. I recommend it to everyone.”
Joseph W. Monahan III,
2001 New England Senior Amateur Champion
Trial Lawyer, Pres. Middlesex County (MA) Bar Assn.

“Prior to using the StretchMate, I had a bad back and was unable to practice. After using the StretchMate for a short while I'm now able to practice pain free for as long as I want. ”
Tom Martin, 2003 New England Senior Amateur Champion,
President, Cramer Productions

“The StretchMate is a safe and effective tool for my physical therapy patients and training clients alike. Our golfers loved it so much that we installed two more in
our clubhouse!”
Paul Amorosino, MS, PT, OMT, FAAOMPT,
Recreation Center Director,
Black Rock Country Club, Hingham, MA

"The StretchMate is a great machine. The thick elastic cord provides a safe approach and limitless options."
Joey "D" Diovisalvi, Trainer to PGA Tour Players

“I love my StretchMate. It's part of my daily workout routine.”
J.L. Lewis, PGA Tour

"Every time I play I use the StretchMate either in the fitness trailer on tour or at my gym at home."
Beth Daniel, LPGA Tour

"I ABSOLUTELY love the StretchMate."
Rich Beem, PGA Tour

"I use the StretchMate each and every time I am in the LPGA's Fitness Trailer. It is the most popular piece of equipment in the the trailer."
Natalie Gulbis, LPGA Tour

"I started with Freddie Dolan and the StretchMate when I was 15 years old. My swing speed was at 105 mph, but after I went with him it jumped to 116 mph. I had felt a lot better about my swing and played a lot better and more consistent. I had a very good summer playing in state golf tournaments. In addition, he had helped my vertical jump for basketball by at least 4 inches and for the first time in my life I was able to touch the rim. I am very glad to have went to him."
Joey Ciolino

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