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“When I was introduced to Freddie Dolan and the StretchMate, I was doing "old school" stretching for 20 minutes every night and doing 10-30 minutes of mobility work before every training session. I was skeptical that the spiderweb could do anything more for my flexibility. I was shocked to see over 50% improvements in my range of motion while decreasing the time I spent stretching down to 10 minutes per day total. Since then I have used the StretchMate with my athletes at CFNE and seen positive results across the board. The efficiency and compliance of the StretchMate is unmatched in the world and I see it as a competitive don't tell anyone.”

Ben Bergeron, Owner, CrossFit New England

“Systematic CrossFit was excited to purchase a StretchMate this year. The coaches were the first to start playing with the web, coupling stubborn movement limitations in their lifts with intuitive stretches on the web with unbelievable results. In a couple weeks with little instruction, 90% of our members had worked out short yet extremely effective routines to improve everything from hip flexor limitations in their overhead squats to neck and shoulder pain they walked in with from their day at the office. Our take away so far from our time with the StretchMate is everybody from the apex performer to the regular Joe or Jane will benefit greatly with a little web in their lives.”

Robert Fontecchio, Owner, Systematic CrossFit, Pacific Grove, CA

“I love the StretchMate. It has helped extend my playing career and makes everyday activities easier. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in living a truly fit lifestyle.”

Arnold Palmer, PGA Tour

“I am here in Ramadi; been here since June.  I've had lower back problems and finally found the perfect way to do the necessary stretches with the StretchMate here at the Ramadi MWR gym. I use it every time I work out and I'll be buying one when I get home.”
Rob McMahon
Ramadi, Iraq

"...inside Steven Tyler's scarf strewn dressing room, Aerosmith's singer is perched spider like on a device..."This is my StretchMate" Tyler explains as he leaps onto it.  "Lenny Kravitz showed me this"  Tyler mimes one of his stage moves, leaning forward with a mike in hand, "I have to stretch".

Steven Tyler, Aerosmith, Rolling Stone Magazine, July 19, 2009, Pg.22

Also from Steven Tyler: "Life's all about stretching." Check out 1:44 - 2:05 in this video from 60 Minutes, March 11, 2012:


“It’s ingenious how it’s effective with “tight” sedentary individuals as well as with highly flexible, elite, professional dancers. I have found StretchMate to be particularly helpful in improving flexibility with dancers who struggle to maintain hyper-mobility necessary for participation in this demanding art form.”

Peter Marshall, Company Physical Therapist,
American Ballet Theater (ABT)

“StretchMate has allowed me to continue my athletic activities into my middle years and considerably reduce the incidence of injury. I would recommend it to anyone. ”
Robert Bertagna, M.D.

“StretchMate is an outstanding piece of equipment for enhancing joint flexibility effectively and enjoyably. We certainly endorse this product.”
Wayne Westcott Ph.D.,
Fitness Director YMCA and Author of 18 Books on Strength and Fitness

“The Boston Bruins place a high priority on the prevention of injuries and StretchMate is a part of that preventive plan.”
Jim Narrigan, Athletic Trainer, Boston Bruins

“We are using the StretchMate for the warm-up and cool-down of 50-70 year old women in a strength training research study. It gives them the confidence to stretch by aiding with balance and control. We feel that this has helped dramatically with the compliance of the stretching program.”
Miriam E. Nelson, Ph.D., Author of Bestseller “Strong Women Stay Young”

“StretchMate is an excellent tool to motivate players to stretch both in a pre-activity warm-up and post-activity warm-down. I can also attest to its application in rehabilitation since pain-free range of motion is the first phase of any effective rehabilitation program.”
Larry Starr, Head Trainer, Cincinnati Reds

"A life-changing piece of equipment! StretchMate is a safe and sure way to improve flexibility. I can't believe the improvement in my shoulder and posture in less than a week!"
Thomas K. Connellan, Ph.D., Chairman Emeritus,
The National Center for Health Promotion

“The StretchMate is a wonderful tool to safely and effectively stretch all the muscles in the body. Our members use it for their sport-specific conditioning programs.”
Gary Klencheski, Founder and CEO,
Fitcorp (Boston, MA)

“The Sport Performance and Rehabilitation Center is a multi-dimensional rehabilitation center that specializes in the conditioning, training, and rehabilitation of both disabled and able bodied people. We use StretchMate with a variety of our patients including disabled athletes and cardiac patients. We are very pleased with the multiple applications of the unit. Thank you again for designing such a unique and useful product”.
Brian Roberts, Director,
Sport Performance and Rehabilitation Center

“Our StretchMate is the perfect device to accommodate all fitness levels. The members appreciate the convenience of standing up while stretching. And the forgiving effect of the cord makes all the stretching feel great.”
Josh Kohansky, Gold’s Gym (Ashland, MA)

“Biomedical research in golf rehabilitation conducted at Brown University offers proof that flexibility training is essential to optimal performance. StretchMate is a key component in our rehabilitation programs.”
John R. Parziale, M.D., Clinical Professor,
Brown University School of Medicine

“Our members love the StretchMate. It’s one of the most versatile pieces we have – from young to old, it makes stretching safe and easy.”
Rachel Wright, General Manager,
Fitness First (Reston, VA)

“Because of the "closed chain" stretching approach, StretchMate allows one to get into unique, yet safe, positions. It is this special positioning that targets and releases muscle restrictions that otherwise we would not be able to get effectively, efficiently and most importantly, safely.”
Alice D. Baum, MSPT, Founder & President,
Performance Enhancement, Inc.

“I've had the opportunity to teach athletes how to stretch on just about every piece of stretching equipment on the market and have found the StretchMate to be the easiest and best to use.”
Dave Herman,

"'Dr. Ken Cooper of the Cooper Institute in Dallas once said that when you are over 55, maintaining flexibility and strength is critical to staying active and improving quality of life.' StretchMate is the answer to my flexibility issues.”
Charles M Leighton,
Former CEO CML Corp. Parent of Nordic Track

“We use two StretchMate's daily with all of our clients, ages 40 to 95, and they tell us it's their favorite part of their workout. StretchMate helps them improve and maintain their activities of daily living. We recently completed a research study comprising strength and flexibility training with community based adults averaging 83 years old. The StretchMate was one of the major components of the study and the results for improved flexibility and range of motion were amazing.”
James P. Story, Director Senior Fitness and Training
Jefferson's Garden Adult Fitness

“StretchMate is the best self stretching apparatus that I have ever used and I use it regularly.”
Tod Clauson, Strength and
Conditioning Coach, Los Angeles Dodgers

“Because of a move, I disassembled the StretchMate but did not reassemble it until my hip pain and limp returned. Now I have reassembled it and started using it again and my pain and limp are gone. I will never stop using it.”
Steve Fitzpatrick

“I had been experiencing right elbow tendonitis for 3 months and had been through physical therapy and received a cortisone shot in the joint. None of these therapies offered lasting relief. I explained my situation to Freddie Dolan and he suggested that me pain was being caused by tightness in my back muscles. I did not believe him at first. I decided to trust him and started seeing him to work on my muscle tightness. That was 2 years ago. I no longer have elbow and neck pain. He has helped me increase my joint mobility and function. By using the StretchMate before I play golf, I can freely swing the club without pain. I currently have a StretchMate in my home and use it several times a week.”
Sonya Roberts

“As a chiropractic physician as well as a strength and conditioning specialist for over thirty years, the STRETCHMATE apparatus should not be an adjunctive device in any type of musculoskeletal rehab clinic. It's a necessity! STRETCHMATE is built and based on a rock solid foundation of scientific principle and application, not on the latest fad, hype or gimmick. Results with the STRETCHMATE are measurable. Thanks Freddie!”
Ron Brenner, D.C. CSCS

“I found StretchMate and its creator Freddie Dolan by accident at my local Gold gym. I used the equipment half-heartedly for a few years. I saw the machine again at the Westchester Country Club while playing in a amateur guest tournament there a few years ago. I finally decided to take the step towards better utilizing it as I have a bad shoulder and received the same diagnosis from a number of well renowned Boston surgeons. I needed a new shoulder, full replacement, and there was little I could do to relieve the extreme pain other than this very difficult surgery. I was unable to golf or even bike ride without excruciating pain. I went to Freddie out of desperation and was filled with skepticism. After a few sessions I began to notice the pain wasn't so bad when I slept. Then I began to be able to swing a golf club without as much pain. Today I biked, my passion, completely pain free. I do not say Freddie and StretchMate are cure-alls or savants. My shoulder still has the same structural damage it has always had. What I will say is the symptoms of that damage and the pain that was inhibiting me from living a normal life have been completely reduced and alleviated by Fred and his StretchMate machine. I am indebted to his knowledge and his passion around helping people who are dealing with pain. I have never written 1 testimonial in my life. This is my first. If you suffer from joint pain or muscle tightness I would highly recommend you try StretchMate and Freddie Dolan to give you some non-surgical relief.

Signed a loyal stretch mate user for life”
Paul Metcalf, CEO and founder of Bel retail consulting group

Indy Racing League

“The Stetchmate has been an exceptional addition to the Indy Health and Fitness mobile trailer that serves the Indy Racing League and other support racing series. The main advantages of the Stretchmate are that is provides an active stretch into the muscle and soft tissue that is controlled by the user. This ensures feedback that can avoid injury and also as a result of the active motion, the exercise strengthens the antagonistic muscles to those that are being stretched. This is the best device to mimic the way the body reacts when a stretch is put onto the soft tissue structures not only better preparing the body for activity, but also helping to prepare the body for injury prevention. The other benefit is the need to activate the body's proprioceptive mechanisms during exercise promoting balance, stablility and flexibility. The Stretchmate can be used to isolate nearly every muscle in the body. The crews and drivers of the Indy Racing League use the stretchmate when they feel like they need to work out tired muscles or prepare for a vigorous race event. I recommend this piece of equipment for any commercial or home fitness facility as an essential tool in achieving overall fitness regardless of the activity or fitness level desired.”
Dr. Rob Schroeder
President, Indy Health and Fitness, LLC

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